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Islamist Cyber Networks in Spanish-Speaking Latin America
Published by the Western Hemisphere Security Analysis Center of Florida International University, Miami, Florida

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by Douglas Farah
Published on September 1st, 2011

Despite significant concern among policy, law enforcement and intelligence communities in the United States (U.S.) over the possible spread of radical Islamist thought throughout the world as part of a global jihad movement, there has been little investigation into the growing cyber networks in Latin America that promote strong anti-Semitic and anti-U.S. messages. This paper offers an overview of that network, focusing on the structure of Shi’ite websites that promote not only religious conversion but are also supportive of Iran—a designated State-sponsor of terrorism--,its nuclear program, Hezbollah and the ―Bolivarian revolution‖ led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and his allies in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. There is also a smaller group of Sunni Muslim websites, mostly tied to the legacy organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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