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La Cámpora in Argentina
The Rise of New Vanguard Generation and the Road to Ruin

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by Douglas Farah
Published on May 13th, 2013

The rise and growing influence of La Cámpora, is among the least understood but most important aspects of the Fernández de Kirchner’s government, with direct ties back to the turbulent and violent “dirty war” between the Montonero Marxists guerillas and successive dictatorships in the 1970s. In acknowledgement of their absolute loyalty to her, the president fondly refers to the Camporistas as her “little soldiers.” Rather than reporting through normal cabinet chains of command, its leaders respond only to the president and Máximo, operating as a parallel power structure and severely undermining the institutional oversight of their actions.

Read the entire report here: Download file La Cámpora in Argentina: The Rise of New Vanguard Generation and the Road to Ruin

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