IASC Team Members

Thor Ronay
President, International Assessment and Strategy Center
Thor Ronay is President of IASC and a consultant to federal agencies on counterterrorism and national security issues.read more
Arthur Waldron
Vice President, International Assessment and Strategy Center
Arthur Waldron is one of the nation's foremost experts on political, military and economic developments in Asia.read more
Anne Louise Antonoff
Director of Research & Academic Consortium Coordinator
Dr. Anne Louise Antonoff manages IASC's multiyear multi-disciplinary "net assessment' project on Homeland Security.read more
John Tkacik
Senior Fellow and Director, Future Asia Project
John Tkacik is an Asian expert and former official at the U.S. State Department.read more
Kenneth deGraffenreid
Senior Fellow, Intelligence Policy
Kenneth deGraffenreid is a leading authority on intelligence, security and counterintelligence policy.read more
Douglas Farah
Senior Fellow, Financial Investigations and Transparency
Douglas Farah is an award-winning investigative journalist and author of Blood From Stones : The Secret Financial Network of Terror (Broadway, 2004).read more
Richard Fisher
Senior Fellow, Asian Military Affairs
Richard Fisher is a recognized authority on the PRC military and its implications for Asia and the United States.read more
Susan Schmidt
Senior Fellow, Counterterrorism and Law Enforcement
Susan Schmidt is a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter with two decades of experience on high-profile political, financial and legal stories.read more
Alex Alexiev
Senior Fellow, Eurasian Affairs
Alex Alexiev is a noted autority on Europe and Russia.read more
Thomas DiNanno
Senior Fellow, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection
Thomas DiNanno is a former senior Homeland Security official and recognized authority on critical infrastructure protection.read more
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