Stephen C. Coughlin, Esq.
Visiting Fellow, National Security Law

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An attorney, decorated intelligence officer and noted specialist on Islamic law, ideology and related strategic information programs, Stephen C. Coughlin is a Visiting Fellow of IASCís National Security Law Project.  Mr. Coughlin integrates experience in international law, intelligence, strategic communications and high-level project management in both the national defense and private sectors to develop unique perspectives, assessments and training packages relating to the intersection of national security and law. 

The National Security Law Project is premised on the belief that America needs a strong set of legal tools to respond to strategic threats to our national interests, in addition to military and other means. The Project involves the development and publication of articles, briefings, educational materials and empirical studies addressing national security related legal issues. IASC staff present these materials to fora including law schools, Congress and executive branch officials, and to members of the law enforcement, intelligence and financial communities.

Often cited as the Pentagonís leading expert on Islamic law, Coughlin is in demand as a lecturer at leading Defense training institutions, including the Naval War College, Marine Corps HQ-Quantico, and at Staff, Command and Division levels, as well as for the FBI and other agencies and private sector groups.  A Major in the United States Army (res.), assigned to USCENTCOM, with a military intelligence specialty, Coughlin has served in a strategic communications role in CENTCOM-Doha. U.S. assignments have included attachment to the Pentagonís National Military Joint Intelligence Center, the National Security Councilís Interagency Perception Management Threat Panel, and culminating in his assignment to the intelligence staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Coughlinís work has included counter-propaganda, open source intelligence cell and support of the State Department and other agencies in Strategic Information Fusion, as well as target development in the immediate post-9/11 period.

Coughlinís private sector career has focused on international law, competitive intelligence and the development and provision of open source, classified and proprietary commercial data and information products and programs at leading publishing houses such as Lexis-Nexis/Reed Elsevier and West Group/WestLaw. He has developed markets in 40 countries, served as primary contact for U.S. missions abroad as liaison to foreign ministries and missions.  Mr. Coughlin holds a Masters in Strategic Intelligence, with a focus on global terrorism and Jihadist movements; and, the JD from the William Mitchell School of Law, and BA degree in history and Russian area studies, from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Coughlin also served on the Board of Governors of the Minnesota State Bar.

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