Hon. Edward T. Timperlake
Senior Fellow, Technology Assessment and Security

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Mr. Timperlake most recently served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) as the Director of Technology Assessment, International Technology Security. In that capacity he was responsible for identifying and protecting from espionage the U.S world lead in military technology. He also served as the DOD representative to the National Counterintelligence Executive Committee NCIX (DNI) and the CFIUS process, and was principal liaison to FBI in their Government-wide “Critical National Asset” project. Mr. Timperlake led and authored a major study on contraband weapons and dual use technologies in Iraq, including review of the international criminal violations of the UN Food for Oil Program. Previous senior service in the OSD includes serving as Principal Director of Mobilization Planning and Requirements in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, responsible for DOD Mobilization Planning and all DOD responsibilities for insuring the Continuity of Government (COG) in the event of an attack on the United States, during the 1980’s. Prior work includes a series of classified comprehensive studies of the relative state of modernization of various national military forces, initially focusing on Aviation Technology for the Office of Net Assessment/OSD, and the Director of Theater Forces Division.

As a member of the professional staff of the Committee on Rules, U.S. House of Representatives, Mr. Timperlake was responsible for analyzing all legislation including Programmatic Budget Review for the Department of Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs. Assigned as the Rules Committee Investigator on illegal foreign money contributions to political parties and served as Staff Secretary to Chairman of Rules Committee in his capacity as Vice-President of the North Atlantic Assembly (the Political Branch of NATO). Mr. Timperlake was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Assistant Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs overseeing the Congressional Affairs Office, the Public Affairs Office and the first Intergovernmental Affairs staff. He also served as Senior Government Officer in charge of medical mobilization of the Department of Veterans Affairs during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the Secretary’s designated representative to address “Gulf War Illness.”

Mr. Timperlake is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy ’69, and holds the MBA degree from Cornell University. He served as Captain, U.S. Marine Corps. (1969-75), is a graduate of the Senior Officer “Top Gun” course and a carrier qualified Marine Fighter Pilot, and was Commanding Officer of VMFA-321, a reserve USMC Fighter Squadron. With the Vietnam Service Medal (2 stars), and long active in Vietnam veteran’s affairs, he is a Life Member, Disabled American Veterans.  Co-author of three books on China, including the New York Times Best Seller, “Year of the Rat”; Mr. Timperlake has published in Naval Institute Proceedings, Naval War College Review, Washington Times, and Washington Post; has appeared on “60 Minutes” twice and been an expert guest on national security for numerous radio and television shows including Fox News, the O’Reilly Factor, The Edge with Paula Zahn, CNN World, Larry King and BBC World in London both Radio and Television. Mr Timperlake testifies before Congress on issues of military technology, security and longterm preparedness and serves as editor of Second Line of Defense (www.sldinfo.com), focusing on the future of power projection.

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